bending round world

Written by: Hitendra Mehta

so much to unlearn 
world is bent upon to educate ....

so much to forget
world is bent upon to buily memoirs....

so much to forgive
world is bent up upon to inflict fresh wounds....

so much to live
world is bent upon to make you leave....

irritated, wonder how i too can bend round world ?

i curled up enough in womb
world ensured my straight entry
but now wants me to bend again

i refuse to bend  
oppose world, warn them
bending habit may make lying on pyre difficult  

yet, world plays hard ball
playing smart, say am also a game 
since am bending to hit ball hard, straight for a goal 

i am using the bends to score goal
world is busy rejoicing my bends, not knowing game is to end

(c) Hitendra Mehta