The trip

Written by: david scott

        You know what I bought this bed sofa the other day
          It was the sort for a lofa,yeah it was blue and grey
          But yeah I had to take it back, because it had a rip
          And would you believe in the middle had a huge dip

          I was simply stunned as there was not a lot in there range
          I was hoping they'd give me a refund or some exchange
          I mean I was apprehensive about buying in the first place
          But that's me as always got to be expensive in taste

         The shop assistant got me so tense, that I lost my cool
         I was so persistent because it just made no sense at all
         But neither did I know what I had done with my receipt
         All I wanted then was to take a breather and have a seat

         You know I had to flip because the sofa fell on my knee
         What a trip I felt like a right gofa carrying that bed settee
         I did not want to cause a sence, but then how do you react?
         I wanted to scream but eventually I did get my money back

                      A poem idea inspierd by dawn and tony(2001)
     Written july/august( 2002) about a time when moved in to belgrade quare
            It was carrying it back to the shop me and brotherinlaw tony
           just playing around with words trying different subject matter
                Adding a bit of humer similer to love thy neigbour
                           Travelling  a poem for coventry  and parasights