A Beautiful Picture, Sweet Temptation

Written by: Valerie Kaseman

Good lord how I stare into those eyes
I could spend hours, even days just getting lost within the fire
So gentle and so mysterious 
Who am I? 
I am standing here looking at this beautiful picture
A picture so rare that I want it all to myself
Not a single soul may touch it
Should I become a theif?
Or is there a sly way of sneaking its beauty into my hands?
Sweet temptation brewing inside my blood
I can feel it when it gets close by
It's so euphoric 
I want to get lost in this feeling forever
Secrets so personal, deeply hidden inside my heart
It burns with rage
Burning like a wild fire into the holes of my lungs
If only I could stop breathing for just a moment
Would it all come true?
Such sweet temptation
So utterly sweet
Devouring the very center of my veins!
Im so in love
With such a beautiful picture