Rose City Kitty

Written by: Tiffany Ragsdale

In the Rose City
My eyes stare, as I, 
walkwith care the way 
any true cat would I move 
both in darkness and in 
the morning light  

Dilligent and Discreet I 
swiftly sell my sweets In 
these Rose City streets to 
Forget that perfect popular 
and exceptibal color of grey at
about a quarter to three  before 
dinner sks, that rarely see blue.

The wind is softly flowing
The past, presant, or future 
girlish ghosts of me are 
simultaneous. If you frantically 
find me carelessly carousing and
Careening, remember to let me
Spend some time with 
September !

At 33 i died my hair white so 
i wont see it lose its color wehen 
its robbed by the rouge age 
Though getting old and tiring
 trying to keep inline
 with life.  time,
Ill always find 
my way back 
to you, to 
My home,
The Rose City