After The Guns Are Silent

Written by: lucky okoedion

After the guns are silent
Apologies are given,
Excuses are shared,
Treaties are signed,
Resolutions are made,
Heroes are honored,
Cowards are forgiven,
Borders are opened,
And buildings are repaired.
But the scars refuse to heal - 
The real aftermath - disillusionment is irreparable;

After the guns are silent,
It is the fatal dislocation;
Just the beginning of the longterm and widespread impacts
Of the war's genocide and ecocide.
It is just the beginning of the real threats;

The end of our fathers, brothers, husbands and lovers
Breath-displaced and mortuary on open warfields,
Or hanging awkward from the point
Where strange bullets met them and shattered them,
The perfect end to that.
But the perfect beginning of our children's future
Breath-displaced and mortuary on hatred's open warfields,
Or hanging awkward in perennial inter-person dissonance
From the point where enmity’s strange bullets dislocated them.

Yes, it is true,
That after the guns are silent,
The war is ended.
But disarticulated, the memories still haunt,
Like masked ghosts troubling into countless generations.

But are the wars not ended?
They are long ended! But
Bomb-shattered casualties are left to battle forever
With the shock from loss of home,
Loss of family,
Infection of unhealthy air,
Loss of pure water,
Extinction of livelihood,
Shortage of lifespan,
Corruption of revengeful environment,
Smashed healthy psyche,
Loss of peace,
Loss of joy.

But are the guns not silent?
Yes, but disharmony, mediocrity, macabre corporate distrust,
Systemic corruption and rampant scarcity of personal integrity
Replaces the hitherto peaceful existence.
Indeed the guns are gone for good!
But not before waking up a greater evil.
And cursed are those who live willingly in these battle fields.