Autumn Smiles

Written by: Joe Flach

From way up high in the cloud-covered sky
A snowflake traverses toward the ground
In its crystallized form a new season is born
And it lands without making a sound

Darkness arrives before the start-for-home drives
So much earlier it begins to get late
Convertible tops have their openings stop
And baseball teams start to hibernate

Autumn is here, the first snowman is near
Candy corn I am starting to crave
In front of our home are some skeleton bones
Coming out of a makeshift grave

Turkeys get carved so that nobody starves
Footballs are flying through the air
Kids start being good like always they should
Thinking elves might be everywhere

As the seasons change, fireplace logs I arrange
And start to winterize our place
I am wearing a smile as long as a mile
Autumn put it right there on my face