The Poet's Hope

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

I read many poems and in them recognize depth and pain
The deep compassion and feelings for one’s fellow man
I read and my heart deeply joins in a Poets dark despair
Yet I must not allow myself to fall into the black pits of life
I start to think how shallow my words they so must seem
But I think in life there is a need for eagles flying free
We need the up lifters, who also dance on mountain tops
Telling all of pink fluffy clouds and yellow flaming sunsets
Birds singing in the trees and life and the joy it gives
And we also need the reminders, that life for some is hell 
Light and dark, yin and yang both serve a purpose
The two opposite ways of thinking so apart yet so entwined 
All I have is words and beautiful melodies deep in my heart
With the desire to uplift the spirit and to offer hope and dreams
Art, music, stories, poetry, songs they all contribute to life
Capable of uplifting the saddened soul offering respite
Making believers out of doubters and goodness out of hell
Wherever I lay my head I chose only beauty to find there
I don’t have the power to save the world but I can offer love
Love through music, words and song to lifts the spirits high
We will survive, we will survive come join me in my dance!