I Was There Watching

Written by: Debbie Duncan

I remember the smiles
The twinkle in their eyes

Twas the edge of the emerald forest  it was 
Where they danced in the twilight of the morn!
It was only yesterday -----  but I was there
Dancing along with them !

No,, no  it was not a dream
We held hands as I  heard 
The  temple bells  ring out 
In the cool  summer  breeze 
The night shadows  danced on the winds 
No,,,,  it was not a dream !

Songs from the sea whispered by
As I caught the light from the diamonds
No,,,,, they were not dew drops 
The unicorn from the emerald forest 
   told me so !

Was it just a lullaby  from yesterday
 No ,, it could not be  for I was there 
 dancing along with them ,,, I remember !

Jan. 29th 1987      thurs. 10pm