A Birthday Wish Straight From The Heart

Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

A birthday wish straight from the heart,
This is what I want to say from the very start,
Wish you all the best in your life my dear,
Continue to be a great poet, and a writer.

My only gift to you is my solemn prayer,
To have a good health, peace of mind and the answer,
To all your wish in the past and give you more blessings,
From God above who created all things.

May your special day be an unforgettable moments,
Because we are all here and give you an excellent comments,
To brighten not only on your birthday but everyday,
Cheers to you Debbie , woman of amazing Beauty.

Written for Debbie Guzzi's "It's My Birthday Contest"
My Theme: A Birthday Wish Straight From The Heart
Written: 09/20/2012
By: Maria Paz Samelo
1st Place Winner