Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

                              Video games are popular I admit
                    People of different age level played it
          It’s an interesting game that everybody love
But not for me, I feel so sad

I know it’s an enjoyable pastime
          You can forget you problems for awhile
                    But there are many disadvantages if you can see
                              Especially my students who are lazy to study

                              Their parents think they are in school
                    But they make them think like a fool
          The money given for their everyday allowances
They spent it at the internet cafe and forgot their studies

Here comes the issuance of the report card
          The parents saw the grades and became mad
                    The students blamed the exam because it’s so hard
                              Just to hide the fact that video games make them bad

                              For me it can promote violence for the young
                    All I wish are the family members act like a guardian
          They can play video games as much as they can
As long as they will promise to be a responsible daughter and son

For:Yasmin Khan Contest "Video Games Played)
4th Place Winner

I know the maximum lines are 15 but I try my or lose its okay as long as I explained the effects of video games in the minds of the children. Thanks for reading :)