Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

He would visit her everyday
His hair was neatly combed
A flannel shirt he always wore,
Whenever he left home.

Sometimes whe he would visit
She didn't have much to say,
But some days she would chatter on
He wanted to stay all day.

He liked her in that pale blue dress
The one that was trimmed with lace,
She would wear it just for him
It showed off her delicate face.

He remembered how he met her
The way she smiled at him,
How many years had it been now
Since they lost their dear son Tim?

He said he'd come tomorrow
And bring a beautiful red rose,
But he knew she didn't hear him
As in her chair she dozed.

When he got home that evening
He already knew,
The phone call did not surprise him
That he had lost his love so true.

As he gathered her belongings
Her Bible he looked within,
A note between the pages read
Mom is with me "Love" from Tim

Lynn Barany