Written by: Donald Eissler

I woke up this morning 
Heard a whisper in my ear. 
Said "Go back up the mountain 
Something more you need to hear." 

Looked out the window 
At the mountain I did stare 
Something then came over me 
Got on my knees in prayer 

The voice kept on haunting me 
Till no longer I could sleep. 
Is it my Soul or my Sanity? 
The mountain wants to keep? 

Is there such a mountain? 
Or is it only in my mind? 
Seems it keeps on telling me 
There's something I need to find 

Last time there He told me 
Of all the things He's done 
But I forgot to ask Him 
Why he took my son? 

Was there any reason? 
That I'll always question why. 
He's no longer with us. 
Why, was he the one to die? 

Said I should take His hand, 
Put my trust in Him. 
But I must be honest now 
My faith in Him is rather dim. 

Last time on that mountain 
His words went right into my heart, 
But the more I kept on thinking 
It started to tear my heart apart. 

Why is it so hard for me 
To believe in what You say? 
That there is a better place 
And You will show the way 

Did I lose my sanity? 
Did I lose my soul. 
Only this damn mountain knows 
If there's more stories to be told