Ya get the bloody phone

Written by: ultan beare

Phone chat of the past. Ringing ringing in the home high pitched sound the mother or another would scream for all to hear YA GET THE BLOODY PHONE ,running almost braking the neck to make the ring before it goes ,HELLO? LONG DISTANCE CALL ,that buzzing in the ear, can't stay long was always the first words said ,now the rest have now gathered round for each one would like a quick word, hows the weather your end ?a not so bad says you & yours?   tell me this and tell me that and tell me nomore, oh &  please tell the rest i sent me love ,and than the next one inline repeats the same word for word ,now all are concerned abou't the bill reminding the other, its a long DISTANCE call ,ah sure we better let ya go so ,for this is costing you a fortune,those were the phone chats of the past ,which always came with a surprize ,after all who could it be ? now a days the mod cons cell phones that do everything but cook the dinner ,so take me back way back to the phone chats of the past ,those long distance calls ,the ringing in the ear and that scream  YA GET THE BLOODY PHONE .