An Ode to the Unknown Poet

Written by: Joe Flach

He wrote poems that nobody read
He wrote sayings that never got said
He wrote lyrics that nobody sung
They were masterful - every one

He wrote essays never taken up by the cause
With his writing he seldom would pause
He wrote novels that nobody saw
The publishers never did call

His creativity, nobody else could match
He had ideas nobody else could hatch
But his product nobody else would see
Because he lacked notoriety

But his pen continued to flow
Though the results had nowhere to go
He put them out on the Internet
But nobody has read them yet

They buried that poor man today
Still not knowing what he had to say
His gift he tried so hard to share
Is lost in the ethereal somewhere

Perhaps this story is true
Perhaps this is all about you
If so, I feel your pain
There are many who can make this claim