my god its very bright

Written by: ultan beare

I am on a new day for this is the one that is here,i should be pleased as i have just opened my eyes my god its very bright what is the story ? has today got something good maybe a surprize not one of sorrow ,but one that keeps me alive,away from my sleep gets me out and abou't buzzing and laughing making others feel the same way ,let it PLEASE catch on and spread like a flu ,so the rest of whom they come into contact with can catch it to, a virus of happy thoughts that causes one to sing to hug all that is around you & not shy to tell them how they brightened your day, a bear hug given as you move on your merry way , reminding them to spread the germ for this needs to be shared, let the wind love distance of all other shores and when all have caught the happyness than we must also hug the trees for they hold the earth with roots so dear after all she is a pearl so beautiful alive with that of caring heart for everytime a loved one goes she cry the heavens with rain to feed the roots to grow the fruits ,we eat to see us through ,but happy virus may come to pass for one is not in that dream, i have just opened my eyes my god its very bright .