Last night's dream

Written by: Irfana Ali Bhat

Wandering in a desolate desert
The sun above shining so bright
Searching for water in the mirages
To soothe my parched tongue
Walking on the hot sweltering sand
I am ,with my blistered feet 
My skin drenched in my own sweat
My cheeks wet with painful tears
My body lost its last drop of water
Fell unconscious under the merciless sun
To my surprise ,I woke up on a flowery bed
Scented with exotic orchids
My ears hearing the music of a rustling brook
Opening my eyes to a different scenery
My heart got filled with ecstasy
Soothing morning Sun I could see
In a beautiful pink sky
Trees filled with blossoms all around
The water of the brook so clear,
Shimmering in the morning light
I walked up to the brook 
Placed my wounded feet in it
Magically they were healed
Healed also was my restless soul
I felt at last ,I reached my destiny
Then suddenly bells started ringing
A shrieking ringing bell I heard
Startling me out of my bed
It was my Alarm clock 
Wiping sweat from my brow
I remembered last night’s dream
I had experienced heaven and hell
In just one night, for sure


written for the contest 'in dreams'