Written by: Andrew Crisci

Smileys on colorful balloons
give you a good laugh as summer days
spent on sand dunes!
Debbie, you celebrate 
your birthday today: never dislike or hate  
yourself for another wrinkle,
instead listen to those sentimental tunes...
someone will winkle!

Smileys on colorful balloons will float around
you as planets spin around the golden sun;
don't reveal your real age to us as you step down...
to give your beautiful crown to a younger one!

A big hug and a unique present
are especially for you, Debbie; 
my hug is warmer than sunshine,
and red fermenting wine!
I couldn't refrain from shouting out,"
" Happy Birthday, Debbie! "
After the bash party has ended, 
lay down as your favorite star twinkles...
make that wish by saying it aloud,
" Magical cream, erase all my wrinkles! "