What To Say

Written by: Jessica Arteaga

Inserting an image; hands caressing a back, lips resting on a chest

Devouring hair upon a neck, with ears subservient to a heartbeat
Often, eyes command exposure, to bid a view of this others skin
Nose nestled close; to breath this scent; all in
'Cause, every sense must be reviewed:
Touch, smell, sight, taste, hear; sin

Knotted limbs; the feeling though a swim
Nothing phases in this bed
Overwhelming: never said
Wasting time: a foolish spread

Wondering; a child of Loki
Has a way to feed a fear
All these moments shared so well
Tick's a clock; no hands to gear

Then a strength is shredded off
Ominous thoughts begin to mosh 

Stay away!
Advent of my love is felt  
Yet...for the words...I cannot help