ptsd of late stage capitalism

Written by: John Goodman

i miss the softness of her touch

cut short by Lehman brothers’ harsh


i miss kindness of time before the crash

economy in relative peace

living off fumes of postwar boom

before post-traumatic stress of recession-plagued world

robbed me of ability to fulfill my dreams

and fully reveal my inner self

thanks to din of private property

and rumble of greed

world is psychotic, denial laden

- where love can be a marketplace

humans commodified to the extreme -

i yearn for a world

where people can be people

judged on the merits of their person

not their circumstance

for in such a world

there would be no need to worry

for inherent goodness in every human being

is a guarantee

someday that world will be realized

this i know for sure

this poem a dedication

and an affirmation

of that truth.