i take the blame

Written by: sashi prabhu

All by myself, alone, I softly chant your name,
Own up for our defunct weeping bond and I take the blame.
It was our love very pure and not lusty lure,
Unsure, kaput and insecure I thirstily quest for love’s cure……

Cannot truly imagine that I let you go, I own up and take the blame,
But for us to be happy I did so, To silently blow off our love’s flame…..
My heart I am sure you did not know,
Was tattered and torn from the time I let you go,

I wish our bonds could have fondly stayed on,
Woven intertwined with emotions, enameled with love’s lacquerers firmly bound.
But I still take the blame,
Too late for me as this body I had lit and set aflame.
Till our laden guilt we overcame….

From above as my body burned,
Saw your woeful self  as you wailed in lament and yearned

I take the blame.It is now too late, I take the blame