The Dream

Written by: Joyce Johnson

In lonely, pleasant quietude
I walked along the way.
No one to break my solitude
So early in the day.
I watched with fascination
The first bright, rosy glow
Suffuse the springtime, morning sky
In this my private show.
It was as though I walked on clouds
So beautiful the scene.
I broke into a lively run
As if just seventeen.

I awakened as the nurse arrived
To give me meds for pain.
It's two days since I lost my legs.
I'll never walk again.

Entered in Dream contest
Written  10/12/10

My husband lost both of his legs to  amputation from a disease that killed him just 8 months later.  I never saw him smile again.  He was unable to turn over in bed without help and I can only hope he was able to walk in his dreams