A New Voice

Written by: Reason A. Poteet

a rubaiyat

Near Damascus, Saul's hatred met its end;
he soon discovered darkness is no friend.
God deemed young Ananias the best guy
to tell Saul of the plan He'd recommend. 

"Saul will kill me," was this believer's cry.
"There is no way I'll open up Saul's eyes?"
And He's right, unless God is thus inclined;
but fear weighs heavy, makes it hard to try.

Saul was a zealot in tradition's bind.
It's hard to see when customs leave you blind;
Saul was a Pharisee of great renown,
determined but with vengeance on his mind.

Both Saul and Ananias came unbound,
their lives took on focus as Light they found.
Now, Ananias can his trust defend;
and Saul gained fervor switching battleground.