The creak of the step to ascend,
To destination's end
The drafty room at the top of the stair,
The loneliness that resides there.

The frigid winds that creep to the bone,
A reminder you are born alone.
Bare bulb circles like a flickering firefly,
As time passed by.

Another year has come and gone,
And yet existence on and on.
A soft bed beckons apprehensions descend,
The hollow bitter wind howls extend.

Greedily seeking the warmth residing within,
Maddening ticking clock, silence, dropping of a pin.
The call too strong the urge to rest,
Burdened with sins un-confessed.

life so fleeting than it's done,
so like the colors of the setting sun.
Lashes flutter closed, shallow breath,
Surrendering to life's unavoidable death.