Dad, I'm To Blame

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Dad, I’m To Blame Dad, you’ve been gone for so many years Yet I find myself wishing I could take back what I said I know as soon as I walked out that door it brought you to tears Before I knew it precious time had passed and you were dead Dad I want you to know that I’m to blame I was the reason why I didn’t stop by to keep you company I should’ve swallowed my pride but I continued on with the grudge game Taking for granted that you could’ve been easily taken away from me Today is father’s day and I place this poem on your grave Wishing I could hear your voice forgiving me in my echoes of tears Reminiscing a time of heart felt memories we both made And how proud I am to still be daddy’s little girl even after all these years Missing you
Contest: Where’s The Blame Sponsor: Michael Falotico