Written by: ilene bauer

A princess who prances about in the nude
Should realize that cameras she cannot elude.
So naturally, photos, exposed but not lewd,
Made headlines and numerous times have been viewed.

The prince and the princess have rightfully sued.
The cameras did not have a right to intrude;
For even the royals, as they rendezvoused,
Deserved to have privacy and solitude.

At least we know Kate won’t be known as a prude,
Which the pictures give people the right to conclude.
Yet in her private moments, when all is reviewed,
I’m sure that cavorting the princess has rued.

We blame paparazzi, so clever and shrewd,
But their actions quite simply can’t be misconstrued;
For they merely provide what we hope they’ve pursued – 
A celebrity glimpse that can be ballyhooed!