First Base

Written by: Tiffany Ragsdale

Hi, hello, I'm not writing this to be cold or 
condemning, considering I've politely
played by your rulebook since the beginning
Before you asked and i started giving.

Ive struck out twice, me the batter 
and you the pitcher; in my foolish, 
fumbled,and friendly attempts
To better understand the 
image you present.

Seriously, please note i barley made 
it to the fourth inning before, 
you chose not to revise the words 
you were sending. 

They suddenly Slammed 
me back to first base 
eyes carelessly cartwheeling 
In the story you 
were spinning.

You typed me out like i was some 
kinda naive second hand stalker,
 while i was attempting
 to be a silly sweet
 smooth talker.

I've apologized post haste for my part 
that left us in this awkward place. 
I implore to articulate how do i wipe
the slate clean?

Just name the time and space
Where i can play my role to your pace
Id like to pleasantly convince you 
That i clearly know my place.