An Incident in Altdorf

Written by: Robert Pettit

Altdorf is a lovely village along the Reuss. It has beautiful scenery that is choice. What nerve these Austrians have in this town. I think that Hermann Gessler is a clown! He puts his hat on top of a pole in the town square. We have to bow before it when we are there. I and my son Walter would do no such thing. We were both arrested for defying. I told them I am not Austrian. I am Swiss. My son and I will be put to death because of this. We have one opportunity to escape the dead. I must shoot an apple off my son’s head. There is one fact that just about anyone knows: I am very adept when in comes to handling crossbows. If I accomplish this feat, we will earn our freedom. There must be a way to quash this Austrian scum. Thanks to online encyclopedia for information I obtained to write this poem.