Humour In Living Colours

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Dark green is my jealousy, red is my love
Purple is for righteous anger
And that from heaven above.
Blue is my humour side
But it is really quite pale.
Brown is for misery,
But we don’t want to hear that tale...

Golden is my namesake
For that I am not to blame
It was my burnt golden coloured car
Parked in a shady lane.
Yellow is for happiness, and time to get in the sun
White is for the soothing lotion, when I find I've burnt my bum.
Black is for the night- time, and I see a lot of it
Mid green is for the grass and the foxes poo that's on it.

Orange is for laughter, well I mean it’s got to be
Anyone seen wearing orange is up for a laugh sure-ly.
Brown apart from being fox poo, is a soothing colour
Grey is so dreary, you couldn’t get much duller.
Then we get into all those names that no one can spell or remember
Taupe and mauves and stranger ones, of that club I’m not  a member.
Pinks are for baby girls all rosy and perfection
Boys are in the blue tones, there is quite a selection.
But for me the best colour is the green that shines so bright
In the eyes of my lover, of whom I dream at night