Perennial stream of endless love

Written by: Yesha Shah

A perennial stream of my endless love All encompassing motherly tenderness Angelic bundles, gifts from Heavens above Floodgates of unceasing Divine happiness For you, a gentler me, all soft and mellow I basked in the glory of expectant glow Loving you right since you were a tiny cell Till my heart keeps beating to its rhythm well From the time you were just a pink little line A promising seed of life about to sprout Devoted nurturing that you bloom just fine Adored your tiny form and cute baby pout Stretching a bit more each day, more than my best Rejoicing before home turns an empty nest Pulsating with prayers, blessings, warm wishes Until the elements flow out my ashes!! 19/9/2012 for Gail Doyle's 'My Endless Love'