Written by: chipepo lwele

I imagine attending a colorful graduation ceremony at the college or university.
After attending my mind is stuck with a lot of queries:
Would graduates  cultivate in themselves  attributes of entrepreneurs,to think outside the box?
Were graduates tipped to be innovative, self-motivated, willing to take greater risks in 
their fields?
Would graduates go into industry to add value in the economy sector,after being equipped with suitable skills?
Could the skills they have acquired be able to sustain them and support their families
with or without formal employment?
Would graduates narrow the skills gap that has existed in the industry?
Did lecturers expose graduates to both technical and entrepreneurship skills during
their training?
Would graduates be entrepreneurs who will constantly  create and grow business ventures,thereby creating employment and incomes in the economy?
Could graduates embrace the intelligence of  the labor force,and start running viable growth-oriented ventures as a career alternative?
Could they survey key industries,organizations,family and friends already in business ventures?
Would they start up their own business ventures,provided they have access to support and other requisites?
Could graduates blend various fields with entrepreneurship sustainability to overcome unemployment levels?
Could graduates separate what's important from what's irrelevant to make 
achievement in life?
Could they be confident, pro-active,decisive and energetic in their endeavors?
Would they be hardworking,firmly decided,continue in spite of opposition or difficulty,
and have the ability to see clearly?

chipepo lwele
*Dedicated to granduads