I miss the Memory of You

Written by: Sami LaRose

By: Sami LaRose
I miss the memory of you

I miss you more and more every day, as night goes on my pain just doesn’t seem to go away
It grows stronger and stronger as I thin k of the memory of you and of how it is now through
Time went by us so quickly, it felt as if we didn’t even have time to take chances
But chances were taken, and decisions made and broken and that was your last opportunity token
As music plays on, that always reminds me of you, I have to remember that our days are through
So many words written on so much paper about you, it would finally be nice to start over new, to show you that I can live without you, would be the best reward of all
Every time I seem to stand up you make me fall, fall, fall, into pieces all among the shattered ground, I am starting to forget that I had once had a permanent frown
It is nice to let you go, and to finally start to feel open, I’m just hoping that I don’t go out and choke again.
We were nice once, while we lasted, but now our time is through.
This is me finally trying to say goodbye, to all of the memories of me and you; and to let you know that we are finally through.