Automatic Heartbreak

Written by: Summer Arthur

Where is the happiness I knew just yesterday?

It's gone along with the love I felt from you.

Now everything's ice frozen cold.

Where is the feeling of peace I used to feel?

It's gone along with the feel of being

Real instead of automatic, artificial.

Where is my heartbeat, pumping in my veins?

I can't feel anything but pain and loneliness;

Show me how I can love you once more.

Where is my soul, now a shattered mess?

I'm being split into two, give in or leave now.

I don't want to be stuck again loving you.

Where is the time I had wasted on you?

Gone, along with the scars you left.

I patched up my heart without your help.

Where is the pride I used to hold inside?

I'm picking up all the pieces you broke and

I'm finding myself through your mistake.

Where is the last puzzle piece to connect me?

I need to reprogram my mind;

I'll erase the pain caused by you....