let me have it then kiss my petunia

Written by: Black Eyed Susan

He cheated on you- what a surprise
You’re wife #5 in his pattern of lies
Did you think he’d be loyal ‘cause he gave you a ring?
Did you think he’d stop flirtin’ and start stayin’ in?
Did you think you were special, that you were the one?
Puh-lease, you were a way to pay off wife #1!
Stop your cryin’ and moanin’, come on, get a grip
You were a fool, now get over it
Stop wastin’ your time on this ignorant schmuck
So what if you love him, who gives a f—k?

You’re still pretty; you’re in GREAT shape
With your blue eyes, red lips, and heart- shaped face
Your blond tresses, your dresses that show off your rack  
Oh yeah, baby, you’ve got it; you’ve still got back 
Put on some lipstick and paint your toes red
Get some f--k me heels;  get outta that bed!
You’ve got style and charm and a sexy pout
You got it goin’ on; that’s what I’m talkin’ about
Don’t dwell on him, on how he did you wrong
Get out there and show him you’re still da bomb

For Vienna's "Let me have it then kiss my petunia" contest