focus of a madwoman

Written by: andrew delapruch

focus of a madwo/man

just how many psychotics
have we had to endure
passing through our lives
since the lies began being
told?  how many madwo/men 
quoting “scripture” as if it
validated their acts, as if their
lives had been determined, as
if “fate” had driven them
in the direction of something
total, something that would
eventually ring true, in light
of all that had been
“in the way of ‘the lord’?”

rather be with the “adulterers” 
than in the focus of a madwo/man,
rather be dead set in a
murderer’s sights, than to be
“saved” by s/he who assures that
“they walk without sin”
(whatever the **** “sin” is),
rather be in the darkest pit below
amidst those condemned by all
the self-righteous, than to be
forced against one’s will to
succumb to the hypnosis, 
rather be in doubt for the rest of
these days, than to be
certain, with a megalomaniac 
holding all their reasons to live
in a book which they feel gives
them permission to.