A Fit of Emptiness: Finding One's Self

Written by: Jewel Seuss

Sometimes I daydream of cannibalism;
Eating the body of myself.
A self driven by inadequacy,
I want to rip myself apart
And feel it die slowly.
As I sit,
Dreams transparing to reality,
I find my teeth clenching the brown.
And damn it hurts.
It hurts so much.

Finding myself
To destroy it,
Another shard is broken from me
As if each time I gnaw against my flesh,
A part of me is taken.
And when I wake,
I find less reason
To care as it pains.

One day
As I nourish my inadequacy-
My want to be needed,
Its roots gripping against 
The rotted remains-
There will be emptiness.
Nothing will be left
But a cannibal.