Braille Writer

Written by: Leonora Galinta

Your Braille Writer I’ll write from right to left while you read me from left to right our hearts meet and we’ll never say goodbye you are my precious gem in this world of change remember, I am your hope and strength whatever happens I’ll show you the light a great assurance that you’ll be alright, like a bright lamp just carry me I’ll show you the path giving you lovingly the desire of your heart just touch the dots like switching me on then I’ll show you that life is good and the world is so beautiful.
Date Written: Sept. 18,2012 by Leonora Galinta Note: I lovingly composed this poem dedicated to exceptional kids especially the V.I. or visually impaired ones . I tried to make a lamp shade shaped poem as I was inspired by the manual braille writer I have here. I used this when I learned braille writing for V.I. Second Place Contest: Impress Me with a small Poem IV Judged: 3/14/14 Sponsor: Poet Giorgio A. V.