State of Bliss

Written by: Daniela Angeja

I found my love in a twisted haste
As we fell in love I saw my fate
Eleven days was all it took
To write our love story in a book

We have married with no delay
We made our vow in a sunny day
Children came along the way
To keep up with life, so they say

Your actions planted in my mind
Love for me you could never find
I hate to admit but it is true
All in me are feeling blue

Figuring out my days to come
All is left is to be alone
Fixing my sad and shattered heart 
To hide my feelings I have no art

If I could ask a God or star
To be loved it would be by far
The first wish I would ask for
That is all I ask, nothing more

My granted wish is all it takes
To put a smile into my face
Daydream and hope in a roll
In State of Bliss It would be my soul