free cee A GRAVE situation

Written by: jeffry cohan

                         A GRAVE SITUATION

Ain’t no one in this world gives a damn about me
They don’t care what I do or say
Ain’t no one in the world gives a sh*t about me
They don’t care if I should die today

There are lying ladies and very bent gents
Swear they have an interest in what I do
But I’m telling you man, they don’t care
And by the heart of God I swear neither would you

I awake in the morning ain’t no one by my side
I fall asleep alone and wake up just the same
Looking all around for someone to give a damn
And in my head and heart is where to place the blame

I got parents, an ex-wife, a son and grandson
Hardly ever get a call or a god damned letter
But my life as it stands today couldn't be more boring
And month to month it don’t get no better

Ain’t no one who would even visit my grave
Ain’t no one who cares if I should live or die
Ain’t no one who gives a sh*t about me
And by God I swear, neither do I
© 2009… cee