Our Dying Love

Written by: Terri Evans

Sitting here staring down this  empty road
Some how i wish to see whats left me here
to defend on my own
My eyes turned away as I catch the last tear rolling down my face
Maybe  I loved you too long to see you change.

You thought it through you made you mind up
and wanted to move on
I can't help but feel used I was left here with all the blame
all the time to think in shame

Too many memories inside all I was left to  do is remember you
You didn't love me at all
You found  her and moved on. 
I realize I didn't  mean anything to you.
I am over it now it's nice to  know the truth that it was pretend to you.
I'm not going to sit here  crying over  you.

I know our love is gone,our eyes turned away each others

I know we're colder now and all that is left is our  dying love