Mental Abuse

Written by: Sami LaRose

Mental Abuse
By: Sami LaRose

Faded cannot describe how I am feeling
Past cloud 9, that wasn’t something ii ever believed could happen
Up on cloud 13 just swinging in the beautiful whippy willow tree’s thinking about how amazing life has been to me lately
What goes around comes around sometimes once, and sometimes more
Karmas always got the winning score
Don’t turn your back on her now or you’ll be leaving this town with a frown
Just in yourself, and no on else but let people know that you’re still feeling
Don’t forget you have a soul, that is sometimes taller than the ceiling.
Tiny out the outside but a lion on the inside, courage was not something she ever needed
As tall and unique as a giraffe, some say when you look into her eyes it could give you a heart attack
Instantly falling in love with her, she does not know what to do with all of these men, they all seem to fall for her
Not wanting to hurt anyone she speaks the truth instead of lies, and then these men deny deny deny, so pathetic they are it makes you want to vomit
They ripped your windows, and sometimes threatenedyou lives and that’s when you know it is time to say goodbye
Do not just sit there, speak up, do not let them rough you up.
Get away, and go get help, you deserve better, you are the best girl ever.