99 problems and my lover is not 1

Written by: precious foreman

Nobody will ever understand 
my life struggle 
A mother of 4 
that instead of being able to see them or
hug them on a daily basis all I can 
do is visualize how big and beautiful
and handsome they have gotten

                      The system isnt fair

Can you imagine being depressed
more than being happy
Can you imagine your whole life
revolves in a house 24/7
It feels like your locked down 
in the system for trying
to survive
You try to express yourself
to others but they think
you be bugging

                      This is my life

Attempting to put your all into
one person then finding out
that that one person is into
someone else can really hurt
Tired of searching for the right 
one for me
Im just to the conclusion that
if I cant get my kids to love me
Why should I give another the 
opportunity to even wanna 
attempt to fall in love with me

                     It's just me myself and I