Written by: nette onclaud

Like chameleon hiding growls in chains She fumes in defiance, such stubborn will; A raging fire about Vie I can’t explain Mocking fate when stars bind her daunting spills. Oh woman, your patience bears heavy weight Brisk moments clamor for rest longing in vain, This hunger for answers race, time rings late Or can fate wander just to stake its claim? Your ferocious rambling will lay you bare; With heart’s restless desires, a solar flare. Yet, this essence turns into warm passion, As you tenderly flush my fears at night To hold the moon blue and slay my dragons; While soft petunias in your arms delight Cleansing petal tears with flames of love’s depth, And wings spread on hope’s ride beaming in grace Vienna- light speeds to fill gasps of withered breaths; Till smiles peal and comfort this my dreary face. For your phoenix rises from the ocean’s rolls Each sky, each blade of grass healing my soul! ‘ ‘’’’’’’’’ ‘ ‘’ Vienna’s Contest: Let Me Have It then Kiss My Petunia by nette onclaud