The Same

Written by: Sami LaRose

The Same
By:Sami LaRose

As they walk down the aisle cheerfully holding hand and hand I can say I am a part of the cause
No longer do they have to drive so far to legally express their feelings
They are everywhere you go
In school, at the bus stop, in forever 21
No matter where you are we are all just people
The people who hate are led by blindness and un educated it is the 21st century don’t you see
But that should be beside the point, love is love, pride is pride, and it should be legally okay for a guy to marry a guy
No little kid should feel ashamed to tell the world he has two daddy’s, or two mommy’s, we are all here equally humans just living among humans naturally
In the city, they have their day 
Pride is where it Is at
People come out wearing all sorts of rainbows and even sometimes funny hats
Support a cause, more like support human rights;
We will not go down without a fight
Love and Love
And all humans should have equal rights
That is why we all have joined the fight