Another Poet In My Eyes

Written by: Sami LaRose

Another Poet In My Eyes

Searching, searching
Browsing, browsing, through your webpage off my iPhone
I sit there and wonder about each and every of your poems
How sad you might have been then, or how happy you may have been at others
This is the type of curiosity that drives my soul crazy and 
Puts my brain on full on fancy mode.
I think of where you live, and what color your hair may be and all of the other types of things that could make you happy
Reading your poetry inspires me to not let hope slip away, it reminds me that there will always be another day.
Another tomorrow where the sun is shining brighter, you will write about it and I shall read about it after
The imagery you use is absolutely powerful, like that time you wrote about Niagara falls
I swear I was there, right next to you looking up at it too.
The imagery so amazing, it drives my imagination crazy