lost at sea''

Written by: alisa cook

once upon a time i had a dream , once up on a time it was you and me. now the 
sea is fadeing the boat has gone . the sand is still laying still in the strom we 
diden't  say good bye or even get too met, but all the time i knew you that's the 
time i get to keep. i sure loved a prefact  person ,all sweet and kind you no but it 
was just so hard to let that person  go . as i stood out in the rain one night  his 
face appeared to me , just to let me know that in side our hearts our love will 
always be. so i guess the time has come where i should move right on  cause 
there to much water to swim as far as i can see, and there's alot more of perfact 
fish that swiming right by me.