Written by: Andrew Crisci

I, the humble soul, unsought and not adored
must endure loneliness as no man has;
longing for desires to complete me and let me die...
I, humble soul, seek consolation in words.

Don't ask me why I have no friends,
their bond isn't as strong as mine;
it's better to let go than hold on doubt and feel mistrust,
for this reason, I live as a bird without commitments or worries.

I, humble soul, should be inflamed for their abhorrent and cruel actions, 
punish them as God would, but vengeance
is a strong poison that spreads quickly and kills, making one too vicious...
enough to cause restlessness without a pinch of remorse. 

Don't question my hesitation to forgive, a troubled sea
doesn't return to its calm state until the tides recede;
and as it fights darkness, so I fight evil forces trying to defeat me,   
and watching the misty moon change phase, I fade into a long sleep.