Trip Hazzards

Written by: Timothy Jacks

Trip Hazzards
Do only poets expose them
Trip Hazzards that trip us
Its the small things that trip us up
Like friends that are false, I know I dont have to tell you
You have to keep your work area clean
Because if your like me then your a work in progress
A masterpiece isn't discovered
It is stumbled upon and a long shot 
A long shot 
Yea that's my next poem don't trip I sow a lot
Don't forget come close to the light
I love it when they lie cause they can't look me in the eye
They forsake me and betray me
But games they don't want to play with me
Tricks alright, I'll just hit the switch and turn out the lights
Thank God I am more than just a candle
I do more than just light minds and burn slow
The whole Empire is full of darkness
Cosmic soup, swallow some
You can lead a man to water
Was it Discovers or Trip Hazzards that we just stumbled over
Remember its the little things that trip us up