Get It Together

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

Holding on to the past and refusing to forgive.
You're only hurting yourself, that's no way to live!
I'm your sister, yet we haven't spoken in years.
Please move forward and learn to confront your fears. 

Mom and Dad done us wrong by putting us in foster care.
It's unhealthy to hold grudges and to live life with despair.
Disowning your parents is one thing, but your siblings too?
Let me help, I understand somewhat what you went through!

You should be seeking solace with your siblings who love you!
Instead of dealing with the pain, you ran away and withdrew.
You were not the only one physically and mentally abused.
Our childhood without love left us all damaged and confused.

We were separated for 3 years, but together for another ten.
What I wouldn't give to see you and hug you once again. 
Seven of us were affected in one way or the other.
I want you back in my life, you're forever my brother!

You have neices and nephews that you haven't met.
It hurts to know you may one day be filled with regret.
You're welcome back in my life with no questions asked.
I want to be in your future and not someone from your past.

"To my brothers Kyle and Ben"

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