That's all I want

Written by: Irfana Ali Bhat

I don’t know when...
I don’t know how... 
I began to love you...
Love you for 
what you are
A man of few words
With no romantic notions
No fancy gifts to give
But a  golden heart
In those eyes of yours 
I find my whole world
In your smile ,
I cherish love
I feel safe
and loved
when silently
 You hold  my hand
I love you for 
being in my life..
I love you for being, you
Just stay with me
forever in my heart
and forever on my side
For your presence
illuminates my heart...
Fills me with zeal to live
this uncertain life...
Helps me to face
this dreadful world …
Just stay with me
Forever in my heart
That's all I want!!!
That's all I want!