Written by: Guy Chaifetz

Are we any different from all the ants
That live underground and on the plants?
We scurry about our daily lives
Consuming everything just to survive.

We kill, we maim, we conquer, we destroy
Leave nothing in our path, that's our ploy.
If you're not one of us, you're one of them
Out of our way, we bring nothing but mayhem.

There's billions of us and billions of you
That doesn't matter, we'll kill til there's few.
We're part of the madness, here on this earth
Nothing can stop us, you have no net worth.

Armies of ants, locked arm in arm
We bring no help, we just bring you harm.
Say what you will, say that we're evil
All that we want is your total upheaval.

We are the ants that live underground
Planning your fate, to make it unsound
You haven't a clue, what's in your fate
We can guarantee this, it'll be checkmate.